Addiction isn't just for the rich and famous

I was sorry to read about Ant Mcpartlin (the one on the left) and his problems. Being rich and famous didn’t stop him becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol, it probably made things worse.

I used to think that being addicted to pain killers was a show-business euphemism. I was a bit naïve, then I started to meet people professionally who couldn’t get through the day without codeine or tramadol.

If you can’t control something then there is a good chance that you are addicted to it.

Hypnosis works by going to the root of the problem, finding the emotional cause and pulling it up by the roots. Like a domino rally, dealing with the initial event can topple the others until the emotions are flattened. Working in a relaxed trance state can allow you to easily access old memories, face them in a safe environment and remove the pain for good.