Raining in my heart (well, in my garden)

In every life some rain must fall and tonight it did. No matter how great the sunshine is (and it really is), I was glad of the downpour. It's like we needed a bit of rain to spruce the place up a bit.

Rain and sun need each other. I've been to Abu Dhabi so I know. Anyway, hang on...

I've been trying to make a rain metaphor work for half an hour now and I haven't got very far. Basically, if we say (for the purposes of this post) that rain is bad and sunshine is good (I'm struggling here) then we have to accept that the rain also brings some good things with it. Like re-growth and drinking water and flowers and all that.

So we accept the rain and all that it brings. Just like we accept the roadworks on Bourges Boulevard. A pain in the backside for four months but think how brilliant it will be when we get the new traffic lights! Oh, hang on...So if sunshine is a functional contra flow traffic system and rain is Peterborough City Council....I can't do this.

I've really failed here. There's sun forecast for next week. I'll work on my metaphors until then. In the meantime, get the washing in off the line, it's chucking it down.