Sleep well and let your dreams take the pain away

Does everybody dream? Do dreams mean something?

Sleep is often categorised into four stages, the fourth being the NREM, or very deep phase. At the top is the REM sleep of darting eyes and dreaming. If you wake up during REM sleep then you'll probably remember (briefly) what you were dreaming about.

REM is very important in our wellbeing and if you are denied it, you will suffer. It's primary function is to process our day's activity and emotional ups and down, deciding which to forget and what needs attention. It governs our memory and emotional state.

What destroy's our REM sleep? Alcohol, drugs, depression and sleep apnea.  Some things may help you to drop off but they stop you healing and processing.

A lack of deep NREM and REM will leave you tired, stressed and potentially very ill. When I treat a client for sleep problems, I use hypnosis to find the unconscious cause then we work to release it. People get in touch to tell me that after a couple of weeks of good sleep they feel like a new person. It's worth thinking about how you'd benefit from a proper kip.