Does hypnotherapy work for people who are late for everything?

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I used to be late for everything. I even took pride in it, like it was an important part of who I was. My friends got tired of picking me up at our agreed time and I'd just be getting in the shower. I'd leave friend sitting in the pub for half an hour waiting for me (pre mobile phones so they had to make do with reading beer mats). I thought it was funny but now I know it was rude. It's not that I had a busy life or anything, I was just bad at managing time. I was bad at respecting other people's time. I was excellent at arsing around.

I was for ever running for trains, apologising to bosses and telling white lies about why I wasn't on time. It caused me stress and cost me money. I refused to set my alarm for twenty minutes earlier. I thought that it was 'just who I am'. 

I changed. I can't remember exactly when. Perhaps it was when I became a professional actor and I was so amazed to be in this job that I couldn't bear to jeopardise it.

Separating my IDENTITY from my BEHAVIOUR was a step towards breaking old habits. Just like admitting that you aren't a smoker, you smoke cigarettes. Knowing that is a step towards quitting. You aren't a late person, you are a person that is often late. 

Changing or deleting a behaviour is much easier than changing your core identity. We get them mixed up sometimes.