Therapy for those inner voices..

We all have inner voices that fight for our attention. It’s not easy to know which one to listen to, particularly when their messages are all contradictory and confusing. One voice, however, tells the truth. Among all your inner voices, your true inner voice is the one which encourages you, gives you hope, and wants you to trust and be kind to yourself. Inner conflict is caused by our inner voices telling us what to do, all singing from different hymn sheets. We get mixed messages from the various aspects of ourselves. Some voices are quiet and some loud, some are reassuring and some nagging and hurtful. Accepting that you have choices, you can hone in on the good ones, the voice of understanding, support, and positivity – this can help resolve internal conflict.  

If you're unsure about which way to go or what to do next, you will benefit from finding and listening to your true inner voice. You can connect with it by remaining relaxed and alert, while listening carefully. Meditation and self hypnosis can still your conscious mind so you can listen without prejudice. You may hear many voices as you meditate and the one you should pay attention to is the one that speaks to you with love, understanding, and compassion. No more competing or in house fighting and it will never push guilt, annoyance or criticism on you. It has your interests at heart.


A good hypnotherapist can help you to quieten the destructive voices and bolster the good ones.

The more you listen to and believe in what your true inner voice is telling you about your value and your potential, the stronger that voice will become. The voices you ignore will fade in to the background and disappear. Like a theatre play, whatever you rehearse gets better. By finding and rehearsing your true inner voice, you can focus on the things that make you feel good and say good bye to the devils on your shoulder.