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Change your mind. Change your life.

Hypnotherapy can help you take back control. It can give you confidence, help fight anxiety and beat addiction. 

Some people get in touch for help with chronic pain or trauma. Some want help with driving test nerves. Hypnosis helps you access deep structure thinking and allows you to change your beliefs and behaviours.

I run my Peterborough Hypnosis Clinic to help you solve your every-day problems like worry, stress and anxiety. I will help you to unlock your potential and find real meaning in your life. We’ll work at your pace to find the right solutions for you. I'm friendly and I'm a good listener. 

I specialise in helping people to become free from emotional and physical pain. Many medical practitioners recommend curative hypnotherapy for anger management, beating panic attacks and chronic health conditions such as IBS. For further details on my Peterborough hypnotherapy clinic, see my 'How I Can Help' page and if your condition isn't listed then feel free to email me with any questions.

Take a moment to imagine...

  • being free from depression and anxiety

  • no longer being addicted to alcohol, tobacco, food, sex or gambling.

  • no longer haunted by negative memories

  • feeling more confident and positive

  • living a life full of meaning and purpose

A hypnosis trance state is relaxing and safe. You will be aware of everything that is said, just like a normal conversation. You won't run around like a chicken or bark like a dog. Unless you'd really like to, that is.

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Say goodbye to physical and emotional pain. Say hello to a brighter future.

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